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Also called muscle relaxant injections or cosmetic injections

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What are they used for?

In aesthetic medicine, neuromodulators are used to:

  • remove excessive expression lines and wrinkles eg frown lines, smile lines
  • Facial slimming by reducing muscle mass at side of jaw called the masseter muscles.
  • Eye brow lifting and reshaping non-surgically.
  • Upper neck lift and smooth jaw line eg: Nefertiti lift

This is a very popular, safe and quick treatment to reduce lines and wrinkles caused by excessive facial expression.

How many neuromodulators are available in Australia?

There are now three TGA approved products available in Australia are:

  1. The Allergan Cosmetic from USA,
  2. The United Kingdom made Galderma product
  3. And the latest from German company Merz.

All 3 are available at Áda Aesthetic Medicine. The US Allergan product is most commonly requested and used in our clinic.

What is a neuromodulator?

They are naturally occurring, purified protein that when injected under skin will relax the specific muscles causing the excessive skin wrinkling. The result is a natural, more relaxed facial appearance.

What areas can be treated?

Common areas treated are the frown lines between the eyes, the forehead wrinkles, and also the “crow’s feet” lines at the side of the eyes. 

Off label uses are injection of some lower face creases and sagging upper neck skin known as Nefertiti effect.

The product can also be used to subtly reshape the eyebrows, creating a more youthful-shape and a “lift” the eye brows.

Similarly, neuromodulators can be used to lift sagging corners of the mouth and to reduce a gummy smile.

Where deep creases are present, then combining neuromodulators with dermal skin fillers may also be recommended.

Is it a “lunch time” treatment?

This treatment is a true lunchtime procedure with people able to return to work immediately.  This is because the treatment is relatively quick and risk of bruising minimal.

When do I see results?

Onset of muscle relaxation can be noticed after 2-4 days. The maximal effect can take up to 2 weeks to see.

How long before I need to come back?

Results can last 3-5 months before needing repeat treatment.

Who will do my anti-wrinkle injections?

At Áda all consultations and treatments are done by our experienced aesthetic physicians.  No “dermal or cosmetic” injectors or nurses are used at any Áda clinic.

Is it safe? Are there side effects?

The neuromodulators are very safe to use. The doses used for cosmetic work are very small and there is no risk of toxic side effect.

There are no known long-term side effects from repeated cosmetic neuromodulator use.

The main risks are small bruises from the tiny needle injection.

Allergic reaction is very, very rare. There is no need for allergy skin testing.

Unwanted adjacent muscle affect is possible from unexpected migration of product following injection, for example eyelid droop after frown line treated. This is a an uncommon occurrence nowadays.  It is temporary and will disappear after a short while.

What other non-surgical treatment are there for wrinkles?

For additional information on treatments for lines and wrinkles, please look at :

Note: Australian law does not permit us to use prescription product names or ingredients on our websites. If you wish specific product names or details you can email us your request.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does neuromodulator treatment work?

Neuromodulator injection treatments are commonly used in cosmetic applications to address wrinkles and lines on the face, often referred to as dynamic wrinkles. Dynamic wrinkles are formed due to repeated muscle contractions from facial expressions like smiling, frowning, and squinting. The neuromodulator, when injected into specific facial muscles, temporarily blocks the nerve signals that cause these muscles to contract. As a result, the treated muscles relax, leading to a smoothing of the overlying skin and a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles. This effect is most prominent in areas such as the forehead, the area between the eyebrows (glabellar region), and the outer corners of the eyes (crow’s feet). The treatment is popular due to its non-surgical nature, minimal downtime, and relatively quick results, making it a sought-after option for individuals looking to achieve a more youthful and refreshed appearance. It’s important to note that the effects of these injections are temporary and usually last for a few months, after which follow-up treatments are recommended to maintain the desired results.

What are the benefits of neuromodulator injections?

Neuromodulator injections provide a range of benefits, including reducing the appearance of wrinkles by temporarily relaxing underlying muscles and offering a natural and non-surgical solution for a refreshed look. In medical contexts, they alleviate conditions like migraines and muscle spasticity while also addressing concerns like excessive sweating and facial asymmetry. Characterised by minimal downtime, customisable results, and a proven safety record, these injections can enhance confidence and well-being by achieving desired cosmetic outcomes or providing relief from medical issues when administered by trained professionals.

At what age can I start using neuromodulators?

The appropriate age to start using neuromodulators (muscle relaxant injections or cosmetic injections) varies depending on individual factors and the purpose of the treatment. In cosmetic applications, neuromodulators are commonly used to address dynamic wrinkles that result from repeated muscle contractions over time, typically appearing in the late 20s to early 30s or later. However, it’s important to note that starting treatment at a younger age for purely preventive purposes may not always be necessary or recommended.

Ultimately, the decision to start using neuromodulators should be made in consultation with a qualified healthcare professional who can assess your individual needs, goals, and medical history. They can provide guidance on whether neuromodulator treatments are appropriate for you and when it might be the right time to consider them.

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