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What is a granuloma?

Pyogenic granuloma is a relatively common skin growth that presents as a shiny red mass or nodule. It is a vascular inflammatory lump. Although they are benign (non-cancerous), pyogenic granulomas can cause discomfort and profuse bleeding. They tend to bleed because they contain a very large number of blood vessels.

Granulomas start off as a lesion with a rapid growth period that usually lasts a few weeks. It then becomes a raised reddish or yellowish nodule that is typically smaller than 2 centimetres. The growth you have can appear smooth or it might have a crusty or rough surface—particularly if it bleeds a lot.

Where Do Pyogenic Granulomas Occur?

Pyogenic granulomas are commonly found on the hands, fingers, arms, face, and neck. They can also grow on your lips, eyelids, back, and genitals.

These growths mainly affect children and young adults, although they can develop in people of all ages. They are also fairly common in pregnant women—the hormone changes that occur during pregnancy can cause these growths to develop.

Why Do Pyogenic Granulomas Occur?

The granulomas typically occur after injuries, but the actual reason is unknown. They can also develop from trauma caused by bug bites or from scratching your skin roughly or frequently. Other causes may be:

  • Infection: Staphylococcus aureus is frequently present in these lesions
  • Drug-induced; multiple lesions sometimes develop in patients on systemic retinoids (acitretin or isotretinoin) or protease inhibitors
  • Underlying microscopic blood vessel malformations

How is it removed?

The main problem, apart from its appearance, is that they may bleed profusely after minor trauma. They’re benign and can be safely removed through various methods. Traditional treatment usually involves a surgical excision but the modern alternatives include using vascular or ablative laser to remove the lesion.

Laser is most likely to be suitable for smaller lesions especially on face where a good cosmetic outcome is important. At Áda Aesthetic Medicine, we are experts in modern, non-surgical treatment of granulomas and advocate the use of laser rather than direct surgical excision. At your consultation with our doctors we will discuss your concerns and expectations in depth. We will discuss a treatment plan and determine the best course of action for your unique condition

Granuloma Removal

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