Facial Slimming & Contouring Sydney NSW

“Everything has beauty , but not everyone sees it.”  CONFUCIUS

 Facial contouring by slimming or reducing facial volume in certain areas is relatively new non- surgical treatment.

At present at Áda Aesthetic Medicine, we use 3 techniques:

  1. Injection lipolysis or “lipodissolve” or “mesotherapy” using solution injected into subcutaneous fat to dissolve the fat cells. The current solution used is PPC with deoxycholate. Main areas treated are slimming jaw line, jowls and under chin (submental fat) localised fatty deposits. For more info see Lipodissolve
  2. Neuromodulator injection to reduce over developed muscle mass call the masseter muscle located at side of jaw in front of ear. Its enlarged in people who grind their teeth, are fit with low body fat or genetically predisposed eg certain Asian races.   A large masseter muscle in women can give a masculine appearance or a “square” face as opposed to “oval” feminine face. For more info see Neuromodulators
  3. Tripollar RF energy device. This advanced radio frequency (RF) energy device, from Pollogen, is the latest in RF overcoming some of the problems of earlier monopolar and bipolar devices. It works by deep heat inducing collagen contraction and new collagen production and secondly shrinking subcutaneous fat cells to firm and contour the facial skin. The treatment is relatively pain free with no downtime. At least 6 treatment sessions are necessary at 2- 4 week intervals. For more info see RF Skin Tightening Tripolar


 Who will be doing my treatments?

At Áda, only experienced aesthetic physicians do the consultations and treatments.

No “dermal therapist” or nurses are used at Áda clinics. A doctor is always present to asses your aesthetic and medical needs.

Note: Australian law does not permit us to use prescription product names or ingredients on our websites. If you wish specific product names or details you can email us your request.

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Glebe Practice

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  • Address 88 Glebe Point Road, Glebe NSW 2037
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Our Glebe practice is easily accessible by train and bus. There is metered street parking available.

Wollongong Consult Room

  • Phone 1300 651 149
  • Address 332 Crown Street, Wollongong NSW 2500

Dr Peter Muzikants only travels to Wollongong twice a month and takes consultations there on Thursdays. If you'd like to request a consultation in Wollongong, please ensure you select the right location when enquiring.