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How does skin tightening treatment work?

There are energy-based devices (EBD) for skin tightening such as HIFU, lasers and radiofrequency.  For example, Advanced radiofrequency is applied to the dermis and subcutaneous tissue layer of the skin which will shrink and tighten collagen.  The process can be used in the face and neck, and give the skin a more contoured or tightened appearance.

What Are the Basic Skin Laser Aftercare Rules?

Avoid direct sunlight as your skin will still be sensitive after a laser procedure, and avoid touching your face. It’s important to keep your skin moisturised and to also keep it clean. It’s also advised that you avoid any harsh cosmetic products on the treated area.

How do I prepare for laser hair removal?

The area should not be waxed, tweezed, or have come into contact with any chemical hair removers. You will be advised to shave the area but a few days before the procedure. It’s important that you are freshly showered, and have limited your sun exposure prior to the laser hair removal.

Does Microdermabrasion Have Side Effects?

Microdermabrasion is a safe procedure, with minimal side effects which only impact the top layer of your skin. After the treatment, it’s common for your skin to feel tight, and sensitive. You might also experience redness, bruising, and hyperpigmentation. These side effects will subside in the days following the treatment.

Can you get laser hair removal while pregnant?

Hold off on laser hair removal if you are expecting. There haven’t been enough studies done to determine whether laser hair removal treatment is bad for expectant mothers and their babies, and doctors prefer caution in this situation, so they don’t recommend the treatment.

Can you exfoliate after laser hair removal?

Yes, but not immediately after. Directly after your treatment, it’s important to be gentle with the area where hair was removed as it is still sensitive. A few days after the treatment, the area will need to be exfoliated in order to remove dead skin cells and moisturize to make sure the area doesn’t get dry and irritated.

How do I get rid of dark sunken circles under my eyes?

There are a few causes of dark eye circles that can be treated non-surgically.  There is micro mesofiller treatment, PRP treatment, injectable filler to correct the contour of eye-opening to reduce dark circles and laser treatment such as laser skin resurfacing.  The under-eye area is extremely sensitive, so proper assessment is essential to select the appropriate treatment.

What are the side effects of lip fillers?

After the treatment, you can expect to bleed in the injected areas, swelling, bruising, redness and tenderness.

The injection might also trigger cold sores in some cases. On the more serious side, lip fillers might increase the chance of infection, accidental injection of the artery leading to skin damage, or lip asymmetry.

The most common type of filler treatments makes use of dermal fillers, a substance that naturally occurs in your body. Before you get the treatment, your anaesthetist will discuss risk factors and side effects.

What is micro-needling with PRP for stretch marks?

Micro-needling is a process that is used to enhance skin and rejuvenate it by promoting the production of collagen, which increases the skin’s dermal thickness.

Fine needles are applied to the skin, and this treatment can be used to reduce the effects of ageing and improve the appearance of the skin.

PRP is platelet-rich-plasma which is used in tandem with the micro-needling to treat and heal the skin. As the skin gets pricked by the tiny needles, plasma is applied to the area, which will help to renew the skin.

Are birthmarks dangerous?

In most cases, birthmarks are no cause for alarm. However, in saying this, if you have several birthmarks, they may be an indicator of an underlying condition. It is always best to gain the insight of a doctor, so if you are at all concerned about your birthmarks, schedule an appointment with your GP to have them inspected. If anything, this will likely help you to put your mind at ease.

Is laser to remove birthmarks painful?

While laser removal for birthmarks cannot exactly be described as “pain-free” that is not to say it is excruciating! Some level of discomfort is to be expected with removing birthmarks, though this discomfort is often tolerable. The sensation is often described simply as a rubber band flicking the skin, so it is not necessary for any type of anaesthesia to be used.

How do birthmarks develop?

Birthmarks generally develop when certain types of tissues proliferate. Some examples include:

  • blood vessels
  • muscle tissue
  • fibroblasts which produce collagen
  • fat

Are dermal fillers painful?

Dermal fillers can be painful if they are carried out by an injector who is not skilled. Fortunately, at Ada, our practitioners are doctors with plenty of experience in this department. Basic dermal filler procedures require no anaesthetic as the dermal filler itself contains a local anaesthetic. Make-up can be applied immediately after the procedure and you can go straight back to work.

How long before I see the results of dermal fillers?

Results are instantaneous and can be seen immediately after the treatment, although this gradually improves over the course of the following 2–4 weeks. Results can last between 9–18 months although optimal results can be maintained over a long period of time through regular repeated treatments.

Can men receive anti-wrinkle injections?

Yes. It is not uncommon for men to book this type of treatment. The rise in men requesting anti-wrinkle injections has increased exponentially over the past two decades. Contrary to societal beliefs, men can be just as concerned about their appearance as women and thus anti-wrinkle injections appeal to both genders. When surveyed, 80%of men reported that they would choose to treat their crow’s feet first, while 74% would prioritize their forehead lines, and 60% would most like to treat their frown lines

Does laser tattoo removal leave a scar?

If your tattoo’s original purpose was to conceal an existing scar, you can expect this to remain after your tattoo has been removed. When the proper laser protocols and patient aftercare are used, it’s very uncommon for a patient to scar.

Are there side effects to laser tattoo removal?

All patients should expect some level of side effects. Some of these include: blistering, scabbing, redness, tenderness and swelling. Many of these side effects do subside after about a week. Some heavily tattooed areas may see some residual scar tissue or altered skin texture.

Is tattoo removal safe?

Tattoo removal lasers are very safe for use when used by a trained laser operator with proper safety equipment (goggles to protect the eyes).

Can I enhance my lips naturally?

Yes. There are many methods out there to enhance your lips – some safe, others risky. Makeup and peppermint oil are great natural methods which are not harmful.

How long do lip fillers last?

This varies depending on the type of fillers. In general, lip fillers last a few months. Roughly between six to nine months before they are due a “top up” treatment.

What if I don’t like how my lips look with fillers?

You may need some time to get used to your new look, but if you are not happy with the final result, don’t stress! Lip fillers are reversible and we can return your lips to their natural state.

What is the best treatment for me?

As you can see there are many different specialised procedures. At your consultation with our doctors, it is essential to discuss any treatments you have heard of and your goals in seeking treatment. This, in conjunction with your skin type and problem, is often one of the most important factors influencing the doctor’s recommendations for you. If your goals are unattainable we may help you to reset your expectations to more realistic goals.

Does laser cause cancer?

No. Lasers have been used to treat benign skin problem for over 30 years and to date there have been no reports of increased risk or incidence of skin cancers or other cancers.

Can lasers be used to treat skin cancers?

As a general rule, no. Because there is no tissue to send to pathology, thus there is no confirmation that the skin cancer has been fully removed by laser ablation.

Lasers can be used to remove sun induced skin lesions that may be precursors to cancer. If our doctors are uncertain about a skin lesion we will refer you to a dermatologist for a second opinion or skin biopsy before laser treatment.

How expensive are the laser and cosmetic treatments?

Only the assessing doctor will be able to give you a general price range, many factors require consideration to estimate treatment time and cost. Your doctor will take a detailed history of your condition, examine your skin and discuss your expectations.

How much will I get back from Medicare?

There is no Medicare rebate for cosmetic procedures such as wrinkle treatments, tattoo, hair, capillary removal treatments etc. Health insurance also does not pay back on cosmetic procedures. Our doctors will inform you if your procedure is cosmetic or not.

Some conditions, such as varicose veins, birthmarks and severe scarring are deemed by Medicare to be medical and may qualify for a Medicare rebate. Our doctors will assess and notify you of this. However, the Medicare rebate will in most cases cover only a small portion of treatment fees.

What about GST?

By law we are obligated to add GST to all cosmetic procedures, so a further 10% will be added to our fee. This will be clearly itemised on your printed invoice.

Will one laser treat all skin problems?

One type of laser will not be able to remove or achieve the best results for everything.

Laser is a machine that produces a certain wavelength of light with other particular properties that will allow us to target specific components in the skin. For example, the CO2 laser is mainly absorbed by water in the skin and is not selective enough to treat blood vessels, tattoos, hair etc. There are specific lasers designed to treat these other skin problems to achieve quicker, better results and reduce the risk of scarring.

A laser clinic wishing to treat a variety of skin problems will have several different lasers. At Áda we have 8 different dermatologic lasers that enable us to treat a vast variety of skin problems, as well as the latest IPL.

How experienced and qualified are the doctors at Áda?

Dr Muzikants and Dr Wild have been specialists in the area of laser, vein and cosmetic medicine since 1987. They have gained extensive experience by working with many different lasers and injectable cosmetic products, other specialists as well as attending workshops and conferences locally and overseas. They are founding members of the Cosmetic Physicians Society of Australasia and Fellows of the Faculty of Cosmetic Medicine in the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery, as well as the International Society of Cosmetic Laser Surgeons and the Australasian College of Phlebology.

Are muscle relaxant injections poisonous?

Injections to treat wrinkles are made in a laboratory with specific Clostridium bacteria. It is a highly purified simple protein. When injected under the skin it has a very specific action. It binds to the muscle nerve endings to stop muscle contraction or wrinkling of the skin. This simple protein is readily metabolised by our body’s protein enzymes. Hence, it will not accumulate in our body. In fact, in 4-6 months the nerve endings will be functioning normally again. The term poison is overstating or sensationalising its action, as it would take over 3,000 units to induce a lethal dose. We use on average between 20-40 units. Any substance in high enough dose can be lethal even drinking excessive water.

How can I treat dark circles at home?

If your dark circles are caused by fatigue, the most logical solution would be to get more sleep. You should also ensure that you are drinking enough water. Consult with a makeup artist to learn about the best techniques to conceal your dark circles.

What treatments reduce dark circles?

There are a few treatments you may want to consider for dark under eye circles. These include micro needling, dermal fillers and PRP. Book a consultation to determine which the best option for you would be.

How long do results from PRP therapy last?

The longevity of the treatment does differ from person to person, though in general, the results from PRP last anywhere between 8 to 12 months.

Does laser mole removal hurt?

The laser treatment itself can have minimal pain. The only sting that the patient should feel is when the anaesthetic is administered, just like any other injection. After the anaesthesia has started working, the patient should not feel the laser.

How do you get birthmarks removed?

Laser treatments are highly effective in removing an unwanted birthmark on the face or other parts of the body. If you’re considering birthmark removal, get in contact with us today!

How long does a lip enhancement last?

A lip enhancement can last from six to twelve months and in some cases, possibly longer. Speak to your cosmetic nurse to find out more.

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