Radio Frequency Energy Devices Sydney NSW

RF Fractional Skin Resurfacing

This new RF (Radio Frequency) device from Pollogen, called TriFractional RF, allows a gentle fractional skin resurfacing which is an alternative to fractional laser treatment.

What will TriFractional treat?

Facial skin resurfacing to improve;

  1. light wrinkles
  2. reduce pore size
  3. Improve skin texture and acne scarring.
  4. Improve complexion
  5. Freshen up skin appearance
  6. Upper neck and chest skin
  7. Stretch-marks

How does it work?

RF energy is delivered to skin via series of micro-electrode pins. The energy is delivered in 3 programmed pulses in fractional pattern. First pulse micro-ablates a pin point size spot in the epidermis. Second pulse penetrates into upper dermis and third pulse penetrated deeper to mid dermis depositing thermal energy to simulate new collagen and new skin layer.

Is it painful?

The fractional technology and controlled 3 pulses minimises pain so treatments can be done with no anaesthetic or just topical anaesthetic cream applied before treatment.

What is the down time?

Delivering energy in fractional way (leaving areas of untreated skin) allows faster healing. Expect first day to see redness and swelling of treated area. Tiny pinpoint crust will develop and peel off in a few days. Make-up can be used to cover the area during this time.

Are there any significant risks?

TriFractional RF is a safe procedure as energy levels used are relatively low. This means very unlikely to cause any significant thermal damage to the skin. In darker tanned skin there is small risk of temporary hyper-pigmentation.

Should I have fractional laser resurfacing or fractional RF resurfacing?

Both energy devices based on delivery energy to generate heat in the skin to renew the epidermis and regenerate the deeper dermis. Both use fractional technology. TriFractional RF is more suited for less severe damaged skin as there is more controlled delivery of heat. It is also less likely to cause pigmentation problems than laser treatment.

Finally, the RF is gentler on the skin and recovery period more predictable and shorter in most cases.

Radio Frequency Energy Devices Sydney

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