What Is PDO Mono Threading?

PDO threading is a surgical procedure that uses mono-threads made of absorbable polydioxanone (PDO). This material is used in sutures and is one of the safest materials available for cosmetic procedures. It works by stimulating the production of collagen, which is important for a youthful appearance.


The process involves the implantation of PDO threads under the skin’s surface. The threads tighten and lift sagging skin by supporting it from beneath. PDO threads help restore volume and improve facial appearance and are an excellent choice for treating crepey skin and jowls. While PDO mono thread lifting is effective for a wide range of patients, it’s not a substitute for skin treatments designed to correct skin blemishes.

The PDO mono thread procedure is a fast, minimally invasive procedure that takes an hour to perform. Recovery time is minimal, although you should allow a few weeks for the puncture points to heal. The benefits of PDO threading can be seen right away, but you should know that thicker threads will take longer to transform your skin naturally. It will take between two and three months for your results to become fully visible.

How Does PDO Mono Threading Work?

The PDO mono-thread is an extremely thin and strong suture that is used for skin-tightening purposes. It is a great option for firming facial contours, necklines, and even dimpling the body. It is made of colourless polyester and dissolves naturally in the body after six months. It works by stimulating the fibroblasts to produce more collagen, which is responsible for the structure and elasticity of the skin. Collagen loss is a major contributor to the aging process, so any method that can increase collagen production can help.

The procedure uses local anesthesia and blunt or sharp-pointed needles, called cannulas, to insert the PDO threads into different layers of skin. The threads then anchor to the skin and pull it upward. Once the procedure is completed, any excess threads are removed. Unlike other threads, PDO threads can last up to six months in the body before breaking down into harmless substances.

Results from the procedure usually last anywhere from one to six months, depending on the patient. In some cases, results may last for up to nine years. However, in most cases, the results will fade within six months to a year after the procedure. The longer-lasting results tend to be achieved by younger patients with more youthful facial volume as compared to older people with lower facial volume.

What Happens During a PDO Mono Threading Procedure?

The PDO threading procedure is performed at our clinic in Sydney. During the procedure, thin threads are inserted into strategic areas of the facial skin. In some cases, we will use a topical anesthetic to minimise any pain. In most cases, though, the patient can complete the procedure without anesthesia.

The procedure usually takes only an hour or two and has minimal recovery time. Unlike typical surgeries, you can return to work and social activities shortly afterward. Side effects are rare and mild ones can be resolved by removing the threads.

What Are The Side Effects of PDO Mono Threading?

Patients can expect to experience bruising and swelling for up to 24 hours following PDO threading. The pain and swelling will likely subside within a few days. To minimise the swelling and bruising, we suggest avoiding alcohol and ibuprofen. Patients are encouraged to stay hydrated to maintain normal blood pressure. It’s best to avoid massaging or rubbing the skin after the procedure. Patients may also experience dimples in the area where the threads were placed. The skin will heal, and the dimples should resolve in a few weeks. Patients may also feel a little resistance when moving their faces and a fullness where the threads were placed. This is normal and will disappear as the threads dissolve.

How Can We Help?

We offer PDO Mono Thread treatment at our clinic in Sydney. It is an excellent option for anyone who desires a more youthful appearance, as the tightening process minimises wrinkles and lines, and increases volume.

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