Lids By Design™

Lids By Design™ is a non-surgical correcting strip that was developed to improve the appearance of the eyelids.

Recent years have seen much research into processes underlying facial ageing. Understanding this process has allowed the development of new products and new techniques to restore a youthful appearance.

Created by Contours Rx, a company known for its medical grade and high-quality products, Lids By Design™ is completely customisable to your own eyelid shape and needs.

Lids By Design™ Results








Once placed, the strips work instantly to redesign and reshape the eyelids by lifting and enhancing the overall shape.

This simple eyelid-correcting method rejuvenates the entire face in only a few minutes; revolutionising the world of non-surgical eyelifts.

Simple and efficient solution for:

  • Loose sagging skin hanging over your lashes
  • Asymmetrical lids making you look and feel uneven
  • Excess skin covering the natural fold of the lid
  • Heavy lids disturbing the natural contour and sometimes impairing vision

The strips can be easily applied by following the step-by-step instructions, available on video.

Lids By Design™ at Áda Aesthetic Medicine

At Áda Aesthetic Medicine, we have been rejuvenating and treating skin conditions for over 20 years. Our doctors continue to develop their education to bring you the latest and best products, which is why we are now pleased to be able to offer our patients Lids By Design™.


What is Lids By Design?

Lids By Design is a non-surgical correcting strip that was developed to improve the appearance of eyelids. The strip can be completely customised to fit each patient’s unique eyelid shape. The correcting strips are placed on the eyelids and work by lifting and enhancing the overall shape. The strips are very easy to apply, and we will explain the step-by-step instructions to you should you opt for this treatment.

Why choose Lids By Design?

The correcting strips are a simple and effective solution, particularly for patients looking for a non-surgical eyelift. They work well in improving the appearance of loose, sagging skin that hangs over the lashes; excess skin that covers the natural fold of the lid; heavy lids that disturb the natural contour and impair vision; and asymmetrical lids.

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