How To Get Rid Of Birth Marks

Ada Aesthetic Medicine offers a range of laser treatments for the removal of birthmarks.

Birthmarks can range in colour from red, purple/blue or brown/black. They may be present at birth or develop in the first few months after birth.

Types of Birthmarks

Red, Purple/Blue Birthmarks

These are superficial vascular birthmarks, called port-wine stains or capillary malformations and are often seen on the face and neck areas but can be in any location such as the chest, back, arms or legs.

Brown/Black Birthmarks

Brown or black-pigmented birthmarks originate from specific pigments cells called nevi cells. Different types of these birthmarks have medical names such as Nevus of Ota and café au lait marks. Many are preset at birth, but some may appear later in life.

Many of these birthmarks will respond to treatment by one of the specialised dermatologic lasers. The choice of the most appropriate laser will depend on the type of birthmark.

Treatment of Birthmarks

In the early days, the laser was the preferred treatment method. Offering more reliable results and fewer side effects. In recent years, the development of a new generation of IPLs (Intense Pulse Light) and lasers has improved outcomes and minimised side effects, especially from some IPLs.

Specific vascular lasers or IPLs have been developed to target these blood vessels. There are a few different types of vascular lasers/IPLs designed for removing blood vessels as not all will respond in the same way. Different skin types may also require a different laser to get the best results.

At Ada Aesthetic Medicine, we have four different vascular lasers/IPL devices. The decision as to which one to use will be made by our experienced technician, based on the type of blood vessels that are present, your skin type and location of the birthmark. If we are uncertain, some laser test patches will be done prior to proceeding with treating the entire area.

Almost all birthmarks will require a few repeat treatments to either completely remove or significantly fade your birthmark. We generally recommend booking your appointments   4 to 8 weeks apart.

Birthmark Removal at Ada Aesthetic Medicine

If you are considering birthmark removal and require more information about the procedure, contact us and one of our experienced team members can answer any query’s you may have.

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