Dark Under Eye Circle


Dark circles under the lower eyelids are common in men and women alike.

Often accompanied by bags, dark circles can make you appear older than you are. And unfortunately, they can be difficult to get rid of. In most cases, they are no cause for concern and do not require medical attention, though many people who suffer from them can feel a little unhappy,



Not getting enough sleep, extreme fatigue, or just staying up a few hours past your normal bedtime can cause dark circles to appear under your eyes. Sleep deprivation can cause your skin to become dull and ashen, resulting in dark tissues and blood vessels beneath your skin to show.

Lack of sleep can also cause fluid retention beneath your eyes, causing them to appear puffy. As a result, the dark circles you see may actually be shadows cast by your puffy eyelids.


As you get older, your skin becomes thinner. Your skin will lose elasticity as your fat and collagen in your face begins to decrease. When this happens, the dark blood vessels beneath your skin become more visible causing the area below your eyes to darken.

Eye strain

Staring at a computer screen all day can cause significant strain on your eyes. This can cause blood vessels around your eyes to enlarge which can lead to the skin surrounding your eyes to darken.


Dry eyes associated with allergies can sometimes be the cause of dark circles. When you have an allergic reaction, your body releases histamines as a response to harmful bacteria. These histamines are the cause of itchiness, redness, and puffy eyes — they also cause your blood vessels to dilate and become more visible beneath your skin. Allergies can also increase your urge to rub and scratch the skin around your eyes if it itches. This can lead to broken blood vessels result in dark shadows beneath your eyes.


Dehydration is one of the most common causes of dark circles under your eyes. When your body sufficiently dehydrated, the skin beneath your eyes begins to look dull and your eyes look sunken. This is due to their close proximity to the underlying bone. This sunken appearance can make dark circles appear.


Family history also plays a part in developing dark circles under your eyes. It can be an inherited trait that appears early in childhood and may worsen as you age or (on the bright side) slowly disappear.

Treating dark under eye circles

At Ada, we can treat dark under eye circles by using micro needling. The skin under the eye is so thin and there are many treatments that we have to avoid the area. Fortunately, with micro needling, we can go close to the lash line on the lower eye, and across the upper lid, addressing that area by stimulating the collagen production, strengthening and tightening the skin.

If your dark circles are caused by sunken eyes, you will find micro needling to be helpful. Opting for PRP in conjunction with micro-needling, you may find some improvement in your dark circles.

PRP can revive the weakened layer of collagen and elastin in the skin. As the layer plumps up creating more cells, you’ll notice the hollowness filling in and the skin smoothening out. It can also create more blood vessels in the skin. With fresh oxygen and nutrients reaching the skin, it starts to rejuvenate and get back its lost glow. The result will be an improved appearance of your dark circles.

You may also opt for dermal fillers to improve sunken, dark circles under the eyes.

Dark circles can be treated, the key is to determine the cause before you can determine the best course of treatment.

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