Can acne scars be treated with microneedling?

Acne scars can be effectively addressed with microneedling.

If you are struggling with acne, or did so in the past, you may be dealing with the unfortunate side-effect of acne scars. These scars often develop from cystic acne, but can also occur if you pick at your skin. Acne scars are a common cosmetic concern, and can last for months or even years. The good news is that it is possible to fade acne scars with the help of microneedling. The treatment, which can also be used to address issues like wrinkles, creates micro wounds in the skin, inducing the repair process and promoting healing. Read on to learn more about what the process involves, and how effective it is when it comes to acne scarring…

Does it work for acne scars?

During the microneedling process, your practitioner will use a device to apply very fine needles to the skin. By creating tiny wounds in your skin, the tissues are stimulated and the healing process is promoted in the target area. This causes the skin to regenerate as it begins to heal the micro wounds caused by the needles.

Because microneedling helps to regenerate and smooth out the skin, the treatment can be used to address acne scars, as well as a range of other issues. These include sun damage, wrinkles, large pores and stretch marks.

It is important to note that microneedling typically works best on depressed rather than raised acne scars. This is because the treatment promotes the production of proteins in the skin, which are usually already present in the case of raised scars.

Are there any side effects?

As long as it is performed by an experienced and fully qualified practitioner, microneedling is considered a safe and effective treatment. You can, however, expect some minor side effects after your procedure, including inflammation and bruising at the site of treatment — these side-effects should resolve within a few days.

It is advisable that you avoid exposure to the sun for at least the first few days after your treatment. It is also best to avoid strenuous activity for a few days. Be sure to use gentle skincare products and avoiding using harsh exfoliants and products that contain alcohol as these could exacerbate any side-effects that you experience.

It is important that you don’t pick at your skin after your microneedling treatment. This could lead to more scarring and affect your results. If you notice an acne breakout after your procedure, don’t worry — this is fairly common and will clear up in time.

One of the benefits of microneedling is that the process is relatively quick and requires minimal downtime. In fact, you may return to work after your treatment as long as your side-effects are mild. Try to drink plenty of water before your treatment as this can help to minimise inflammation and bruising.

How can we help?

If you are struggling with acne scars, we encourage you to come in and see us. While it is possible for some scars to fade over time, others can affect the appearance of the skin for many years. When you come in for a consultation, we will assess your skin and let you know if microneedling is the best course of treatment for you.

At Ada Aesthetic Medicine, we offer a range of skin treatments, including microneedling. We use Dermastamp, which is a German-engineered device that is suitable for all skin types with very little risk of adverse reactions. Before treatment, we will numb the skin with a local anaesthetic paste in order to reduce your discomfort.

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